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Vlerick Business School - Sustainable Lead Management
Content of the training:
  • Understand how profit and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but can instead reinforce each other
  • Understand how you can create both profits and social value if a business is founded on purpose.
  • Find your way in the 'sustainability dictionary': greenwashing, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, ESG, sustainable value creation, circular economy.
  • Able to set priorities when it comes to sustainability, where to start, and how to use a materiality matrix to define stakeholders' interests.
  • Develop the cornerstones of a strategy for sustainability and identify the linkage between stakeholder's interest and the purpose of a strategy.
  • Create a common understanding of the role and importance of strategy when it comes to sustainability.
  • Appraise the sustainable-oriented 'green customer' of your company.
  • Debate how customers perceive sustainability.
  • Compare the different market research types and assess the research activities of your company.
  • Understand the purpose and process of Voice of the Customer (VOC) research for interviewing your sustainable-oriented customers.
  • Reflect on the corporate reputation of your company and compose actions for improvement.
  • Review the competition in light of corporate reputation and sustainability, reflect on your lessons learned, and create relevant actions to improve the reputation of your company.
  • Describe the megatrends behind the environmental emergency
  • Explain the fundamental features behind the green deal
  • Judge how a corporation can decouple growth from emissions

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